Lost a pet in our area? Found a pet? Use these resources to get them home:

  1. Lost cat? Get permission from neighbors to physically search their outdoor property. Just asking them to look doesn't usually work.

  2. Nextdoor.com - Sign up for this neighborhood social media page and share photos and descriptions

  3. Facebook.com - Search for "lost and found pets" pages. There are many in our area. Join these pages and post a photo and a general location where it was lost or found. Ask Okaloosa ACO at PAWS Facebook page to share the info too.

  4. If you live in Okaloosa County, physically visit the PAWS facility every day. Don't call - GO!

  5. List on Pet FBI, a resource for lost animals. Also, read their suggestions for finding your cat. They have a lot of great information about cat behavior and detrimental human behavior that causes us not to find our lost cat.

  6. Download this printable list of local rescues and shelters.

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If you need to rehome your pet,  before you bring it to a shelter to surrender, try adopting it out yourself, unless you have a prior agreement with a rescue to return it. Animals going from home to home instead of going into a shelter environment are much happier and less stressed. AdoptAPet.com has a great service for anyone who wants a safe, free, reliable way to find a new home for a pet. 

Public Shelter Hours:

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Tuesday-Saturday, closed Sun/Mon

Thrift Store:

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