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Grey Cat

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

By adopting from a local shelter like ours, you not only provide a loving home to a deserving cat but also support our mission to raise awareness about population control and health management for felines.


This month, we're thrilled to introduce you to some of our long-term residents who are eagerly awaiting their forever homes. By showcasing these delightful felines, we aim to not only find them loving homes but also to show you the immense joy and fulfillment that come with adopting from a shelter.

01_Baby Girl.jpeg


The Shy Sweetheart Ready to Steal Your Heart!

Baby Girl entered our shelter in April 2023, and though she’s a bit shy at first, this lovely 3-year-old lady has a lot of love to give once she warms up to you. With a little patience and time, she’ll transform into your most loyal companion. Baby Girl is FIV+, but don’t let that worry you—she can lead a healthy, happy life as long as everyone in the household is up-to-date on vaccines and fixed.


Imagine the delight of spending your days with Baby Girl, our gentle soul who loves chasing laser pointers, indulging in catnip, and bird-watching from a sunny windowsill. She's a sweet, quiet cat who just needs a bit of patience to reveal her true colors. Give her the loving home she deserves and experience the pure joy of her companionship! Visit her profile to learn more and start the adoption process today.


The Curious Companion Waiting to Meet You!

Foxy has been with us since February 2022, and this 3-year-old shy boy is ready to find his forever home! Though he may be a bit hesitant about pets, there’s a surefire way to win him over: Churu treats! Once you have his favorite treat in hand, Foxy can’t resist coming closer and showing his affection. This treat-loving kitty may be shy, but with a little patience and some delicious Churu, he’ll warm up and start to show his true personality.

Foxy is a curious kitty who loves to be involved in whatever you’re doing. Whether you’re working from home or just lounging around, you can count on Foxy to be nearby, watching and "helping" with his adorable nosiness. He also loves stretching out on the catio, soaking up the sun, and watching the birds go by. If you’re looking for a playful, inquisitive cat who just needs a little patience and a lot of Churu treats, Foxy is your perfect match. Bring this charming boy into your home and enjoy the endless entertainment and companionship he has to offer. Visit his profile to learn more and submit an adoption application today!



The Sweet Observer Ready for Her Forever Home!

Roo entered our shelter in April 2023, and this 2-year-old sweet girl is eager to find her perfect family! Initially, Roo prefers to keep her distance, taking in loving looks from afar. However, with a bit of patience and some tasty treats, she soon warms up and starts to enjoy gentle pets and affection.

Roo loves spending her time on the Catio (Cat Patio), where she can watch the world go by and soak up the sun. Her quiet, observant nature makes her a wonderful companion for someone who appreciates a calm and loving presence. If you’re looking for a gentle, sweet cat who just needs a little time to feel comfortable, Roo is the one for you. Bring this lovely girl into your home and experience the joy of her quiet companionship. Visit her profile to learn more and submit an adoption application today!


The Resilient Senior with a Sweet and Spicy Personality!

Kitty LeAnne is our longest resident, having been with us since November 2021. This 12-year-old senior kitty has faced many challenges but is now ready to find her forever home. Kitty LeAnne has Megacolon and requires a special diet of Gastro Biome food with some Metamucil for extra fiber. Despite her health needs, she’s a resilient and endearing cat.

Kitty LeAnne is what we lovingly call a "Sour Patch Kitty." She enjoys pets and loves to lounge beside you while you read or work. However, she can be moody and may swat if she doesn’t want to be touched. We believe this behavior is trauma-related, stemming from the time after her owner passed away, leaving her in a deteriorating trailer until she was rescued. Despite her tough exterior, Kitty LeAnne can be very sweet and loves treats! With the right family, who understands her needs and gives her the patience she deserves, she can truly thrive. If you’re looking for a unique and loving companion with a bit of sass, Kitty LeAnne is the one for you. Visit her profile to learn more and submit an adoption application today!

04_Kitty LeAnne.jpeg


The Sweet Senior Who Loves Pets and Gratitude Licks!

Catarina joined our shelter in October 2023 and is a gentle 10-year-old lady looking for her forever home. Initially shy, Catarina warms up quickly with gentle pets, and once she’s comfortable, she won’t want you to stop! She’s known to pull your hand back for more pets and show her gratitude with sweet licks. 

This affectionate behavior makes her a truly endearing companion. Catarina’s calm and loving nature is perfect for someone looking for a senior cat who appreciates gentle, consistent affection. If you’re ready to provide a cozy, loving home for Catarina, she’s eager to fill your life with warmth and companionship. Visit her profile to learn more and start the adoption process today!


The Couch Potato Ready to Lounge in Your Home!

Brooks, a 3 1/2-year-old laid-back kitty, has been with us since February 2021. Though he was briefly adopted, he was returned and is now ready to find his true forever home. Brooks is an oversized couch potato who loves nothing more than lounging around and soaking up the sun. With his calm disposition, Brooks is the perfect companion for a relaxed household.

He enjoys bird-watching from a cozy window perch and sunbathing in a warm spot. This easygoing guy is all about the simple pleasures in life and would be the ideal buddy for someone looking for a low-maintenance, affectionate cat. If you’re searching for a chilled-out companion to share your home and lazy days with, Brooks is your perfect match. Visit his profile to learn more and submit an adoption application today!



The Glorified Dust Bunny with a Judgey Streak!

Mr. Grey, an 8-year-old feline, joined our shelter in August 2023 after being rescued from a hoarding case. This unique kitty has earned his title as a glorified dust bunny, as his favorite spot is under the bench, where he can judge everyone from across the room.

Mr. Grey has a quiet, observant nature and will tolerate pets if you’re brave enough to venture into his domain. He’s a bit of a character with his own quirks, making him a fascinating companion for someone who appreciates a cat with a strong personality. If you’re looking for a distinctive and intriguing kitty to add to your home, Mr. Grey might be the perfect match. Visit his profile to learn more and submit an adoption application today!


The Sweet Yet Hissy Boy Ready for His Fur-Ever Home!

Loki, a 4-year-old kitty, joined our shelter in March 2024 after experiencing the upheaval of his parents' divorce. This sweet, yet hissy boy is a bit angry and confused after being left behind because he couldn’t travel with his dad. Once a fan of road trips, Loki is now searching for a stable and loving fur-ever home.


Despite his current moodiness, Loki has a sweet side that’s waiting to shine through with the right family. He’s looking for a patient and understanding home where he can feel secure and loved again. If you’re ready to provide a safe haven for this deserving kitty and help him rediscover his love for companionship, visit his profile to learn more and submit an adoption application today!


Come See Us at SOCKS

If any of these adorable felines have captured your heart, don’t hesitate to make their dreams come true by adopting them and providing the loving home they deserve! Visit their profiles and book a visit to see them today! Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these wonderful cats and bring joy to homes across our community.

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