Save Our Cats and Kittens, Inc.  (SOCKS)

  1. We NEED volunteers!

  2. BulletCLEANING ROOMS – Kitten room, kitchen, sick room, and yard.  Chores include cleaning cages, feeding, watering, cleaning litter boxes, counters, shelves, and if qualified, administering medicines as needed.

  3. BulletJUST LOVE TO CLEAN – Come in periodically and help us catch up on the deep cleaning in any of the rooms where the regular shifts don’t have the time.

  4. BulletVET RUNNER – Some days cats or kittens need someone to take them to the vet, usually in the AM, and pick them up in the PM, post medial records & medication instructions.  Volunteer 1 day a week, a month, or 1 week a month.

  5. BulletTHRIFT STORE ASSISTANCE - Sorting donations, cleaning, painting, helping customers load purchases and unload donations.

  6. BulletFOSTER CARE (Not available for Community Service volunteers)– Temporary care of kittens, anything from nursing to simply caring for them so they learn to trust people and live in a home.  Sometimes involves caring for a shy cat that needs special time and attention for a few weeks, or for a health reason. Foster Program Application.pdf

  7. BulletTHRIFT SHOP HELP – Help in the Thrift Shop, which is a major source of funds for SOCKS™, by sorting, picking up items, arranging pickups, cleaning items for sale, and selling.

  8. BulletOFFICE TASKS – Answer phones, help with adoptions, make calls, check supplies, writing letters, and other tasks in your home.

  9. BulletTELEPHONING – Call volunteers, check on adopted cats, and other phone tasks from your home.

  10. BulletCOMPUTER GRAPHICS – Produce quality graphics and layouts for events and publicity.

  11. BulletREPAIR TEAM – We often need help fixing up or adding to our building, fences, and facility- electrical, plumbing, carpentry, laying tile or vinyl, cage building, and many other skills.

  12. BulletOUTSIDE YARD TEAM – Helping keep our grounds neat, mowed, and painted.

  13. BulletSPECIAL EVENTS TEAM – Each year we promote adoptions and fund raisers and need help for a day, sometimes a few days, preparing for or during the event.

  14. BulletDO MEDS –  We need to administer medication, pills, or ointments, to some of our cats.  Each shift needs someone who can do this.

  15. BulletMARKETING or PUBLICITY – Taking care of weekly or monthly ads, seeking out publicity for donations as well as arranging for SOCKS™ members and volunteers to speak at groups to arouse community interest and support.

  16. BulletFUNDS TEAM – Using the internet and personal contacts, help us find grants, endowments, and charitable trusts.

  17. Any amount of time you can spend is appreciated.

  18. Click Volunteer Application.pdf for the Volunteer Application Form, or use


Save Our Cats and Kittens, Inc.


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Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547


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Updated 4/7/2013